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 Skinwalker/Black Dog
I really enjoy the idea of a choose your own adventure type story. It makes the story more immersive and just more fun in general. I do not really know how to go about creating one, so I think it would be worth my while to spend some time on the extra credit tech tips page. I would be able to learn how to use twine, and that could give my stories a real chance to come to life. I think I will spend the next couple of weeks or so going through the twine section of tech tips and become well acquainted with the software, as well as earning some extra credit along the way.

Ooh, I enjoyed the suggestion of possibly combining all of my previous ideas and see what the outcome may be. I could have a native American and a Scotsman or Irishman, exchanging stories or warnings of creatures from their culture. They could possibly happen upon a person or creature and get real spooked from the stories that they have been telling. An argument could arise as to what exactly it may be and how best to deal with it. It may be a wendigo or a sluagh, or possibly a skin walker or black dog. The idea is to get myths that seems similar, at least on the surface level.

I do really like Dungeons & Dragons and think that it would be fun to work with that is some way. I could take some of my favorite myths and adapt them in a way that fits in with the high fantasy world of dungeons and dragons. I could create a new origin story of how a myth came to be, like a shape shifting spell gone wrong, and the outcome was a skin walker. Now it roams a particular forest and slowly builds an army, forcing others to endure its eternal torment. I could also have a choose your own adventure where you run into these creatures and are given choices on how to face them, where the only way to succeed is knowing a little about the myths themselves.

I could also tell the story from the perspective of one of these folklore creatures. An anime that I like, Durarara, has a dullahan in it and we get a glimpse into her life. I think it would make for a good story to focus solely on a folklore creature and tell a story about what their life is like. Maybe give a glimpse as to how they are misunderstood. I could also combine myths that are very different, but achieve the same end, like a dullahan and the grim reaper, and give them a chance to talk to one another and relate on how difficult it can all be.


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