thoughts on crash course videos

This week, I decided to do the story laboratory. I watched the crash course videos over mythology, and I really enjoyed them. They make some really good videos that are always fun and easy to understand. The first video focused on operationally defining what a myth is. I enjoyed that they did that, for it is difficult to understand anything when we are all working with different definitions. The two main components that make up a myth are staying power and significance. A story can be called a myth if it is able to withstand the test of time. A story also needs to have a lesson or an explanation of the world, in order to be significant. My largest take away from the videos is of the purpose of myths. Myths are used as a way to explain the world around us. Nowadays we have science to explain the world, but before science there was myth. Making a story in order to explain any phenomenon could be a lot of fun.


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