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week 15 lab

   Light-bulb brain Link I really enjoyed the first video about human intelligence. I am a psych major and I really vibed with the video, especially with his journey to get into psychology, mine was not at all like his, but it was also similar in many ways. We do measure intelligence in a particular way that lets some fall between the cracks and that's not good, but I also think that we realize that. IQ is a way to test people's intelligence and it often separates and put people in a negative light if they have low IQ scores. The person who invented the IQ test said that they should never be used in this manner and they ended up getting used in the exact way that he was that made him hesitant to make them public. They were supposed to be used as a way to identify kids who may be at risk of falling behind and give them special help so they can stay even with everyone. There are also tests of intelligence besides IQ that look at all sorts of skills and let people shine in d

reading notes: czech folktales part b

   Misery Link a kings son wanted to venture out and meet misery. it took him a long time to run out of money and fall on hard times and a long distance traveled where his name meant nothing, but those hard time did eventually come. he found himself near a sleeping man eating ogre and was frozen by fear. he drew a dagger and stabbed the ogre in both eyes blinding him. the ogre knew the place well and chased him as he ran away after that. the son was outrunning the ogre, so he threw a ring at him and said to keep it to remember him by. the son put it on. the ogre then called out to the ring and the ring replied back. this went on for some time and the ogre kept getting closer. the ring was unable to be removed. eventually the son realized he could not get away like this and let the ogre rip off his finger, then he was able to flee. he cam home, knowing what misery was. there was a man who killed nine flies in a single blow, so he had nine in a blow put on his belt. he was given

reading notes: czech folktales part a

   watercolor of an eagle, bear, and a woman(maybe a fish somewhere too?) Link story about sleepy john. he sleeps everywhere, he even fell asleep in a barn, got put in a beer cask and placed in the middle of the forest. he then met a dying old man who agreed to give him stuff if he would stay and bury him in three days. he did this and the old man gave john a stick that could teleport himself, a hat that would make him invisible, and a bag that he could pull anything out of. he heard of a queen who was wearing the soles of 12 shoes every night and so he volunteered to try and track her, for no one else could. he tracked her on her journey to hell using the stick to follow and the hat to stay out of sight. he picked up proof and told the king the next day and got rewarded handsomely for it. a king had three daughters. he often got lost in the forest and each time a creature offered to help him out and give him riches if he would give a daughters hand in marriage. this happened w

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I learned how to embed a video for my latest story.

reading notes: russian folktales part b

   Cabbage guy from avatar Link this man wanted to stay the night at this family's house, and they told him sure if he did not fear death. apparently death was coming by houses at night and killing everyone in there, and it was that houses turn. he stayed the night and stayed awake the entire time. death showed up and reached her arm through the window and was about to sprinkle from her pot, when the man chopped off her arm. he grabbed the arm and went to sleep. the next day he gathered everyone in town and went door to door, they found a little girl who the arm belonged to, and they burned her for being a witch. an old man grew a cabbage, and it grew so big he had to cut a hole in the floor for it, then the cieling, and then the sky. he climbed all the way up it and saw wonders in the heaven. he told his wife about this and said that they should move up there. she wasnt sure howd she get up there, so he offfered to carry her in a bag. he held the bag in his teeth and start

Redaing notes: russian folktales part a

   Woden's Day Link there was a husband and wife who had a son, but the wife died. the baby cried all throughout the day, but it became very quiet at night. this was peculiar, so the maid stayed awake that night to see what was happening, the door was quietly opening and then after a short time the baby would not make a noise, like it was suckling. a group of men wanted to know what exactly was occuring, so they hid in he babies room and revealed a lantern when the baby went silent. they all saw the dead mother nursing her child, when they saw her, she just looked at her baby all sad like and left. they were in terror, and they found the baby dead. a women was unable to finish the work she  was doing one night, so she prayed to mother wednesday to help her wake up early the next morning so she could finish her work. she awoke to a woman, wednesday, working on what she was to do and she was telling the woman to do this and that to help her finish. she got scared and left and

Week 14 story: Check your checking

  Patrick telling spongbob to write his essay Link   This story can now be viewed in my portfolio here . This story is not your typical tale. Not because it is specifically spectacular, but merely mundane. It is not a story about battling beasts, but one of defeating demons. The story begins with our hero, you. Yes, you are the protagonist of this very story. I cannot say whether this is a story of the future or past, nor can I say if it is dream or reality, but I will say that it is a story of triumph. Now, let’s begin. You have sat down to commence your work. Your deadline is quickly approaching and there is still much that needs to be done. You are furiously typing away at your computer, trying to get everything done by the end of the day. You thought that you had given yourself plenty of time to finish this, but the clock keeps ticking forward, closer and closer to the time this needs to be done by. You admittedly may have procrastinated a little too much,

reading notes: more celtic tales part b

 spongebob pie bombs Link there was a farmer who lost his wife and child. his plower also quit last minute. some man appeared looking for work and they agreed hed be paid as much as he could carry. he was slow to start and had an unusual method, but it worked. he nearly took all of the corn, but then his bag broke. a king traded his family for a fairy branch that could make everyone happy. he waited a year and then sat off to find his family. along the way he passed some men doing things, all a metaphor for different types of people. he got his family back in the end. there lived two brothers and the mother of the second was trying to poison the first, so her son would become king. her son found out and saved him. they bottled the poison drink and ran away. they were not sure if it was actually poison, so they gave it to the horse. he died, as did the other horse. then so did the twelve birds that ate the horse. the birds were made into pies, but then some robbers took them

reading notes: more celtic fairy tales part A

   Spongebob dreaming Link five men got together to decide who would become king. the main man was not chosen and got angry, they gave him a beautiful wife to cheer him up and they had four kids. she died and then he married the sister who ended up hating the children and tried to have them killed. she failed but turned them into swans. she got turned into an air demon as punishment. the spell eventually got broken, but not before they had grown old, and they died the day the spell was undone. there was a king who had a devil living inside of him, so he ate a large feast for every meal. a dr of sorts came to help. he convinced the king to fast for a time and then tied him up and ate the feast that he usualy does. tempting him with every bite until the devil jumped out. then he burned it. This man's only dream was to have a dream. his employer told him that he would dream if he slept in the fire place. he did this and went on a crazy adventure. his wife awoke due to a shoe

week 12 lab

 Kafka in a Kafkaesque situation Link I like the idea of constraints. all fields have constraints based upon knowledge and technology and many other factors. these constraints make the writing process a bit easier, for you're not starting from nothing, but the fondation laid by your constraints. the hero formula, but applied to one's own life. Kafkaesque is an interesting idea. a self perpetuating convoluted system, or something like that. it is humorous due to the nonsensical logic within his stories. be sure to engage all five senses. repetition has both the power to aid and to hinder, use it wisely. these notes come from a set of videos about creative writing and style.

reading notes: celtic fairy tales; part B

  a dog and a baby Link the king had a dog and it was real sweet at home but fierce when hunting. one day the dog would not come when called, so the king had to go hunting without him. when he returned, the dog was at the gate covered in blood. the king was startled by this and soon began to worry the dog attacked his son who the dog often played with. he went to the nursery, and there was more and more blood along the way. the king got to an overturned crib completely surrounded by blood and saw no sight of his son. the king was furious and plunged his sword inside the dog, killing it. then a baby started to cry from beneath the crib, the son, and the king saw a dead wolf behind the crib. the dog had stayed to guard the son, but the king ended up killing him for it. this man set out to find work. he was promised three pounds a year, but was always given advice instead of money. this happened for three years, and on his leave he was given s cake to take home to share with his