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Brainstorming Ideas
I am really interested in the Celtic stories, so I think that it would be fun to do a story inspired by one of our Celtic readings. Both pages from the untext, Celtic Tales and More Celtic Tales, will be helpful with this project. I already know about some of their mythos, such as the dullahan, so that could be a fun idea for a story. I am sure to learn about more creatures from the readings, so I could also create a story about one of them. If one of the stories jumps out at me, then I could do a retelling of that specific story.

I am native American, so I think that it would be fun to do a story that draws upon those roots. A good resource for this would be the NATIVE AMERICAN units. I really enjoyed the first story that I read and it gave me a lot of inspiration when I went back and retold it. I could also recreate one of the many other stories that there are for us to read. I know that the native Americans have some fun folklore, such wyndagos and skinwalkers, so it could be a lot of fun to write a story involving them.

One of the final projects that I read was about dungeons and dragons. I really like playing dungeons and dragons and have played through a few adventures in my time. I think that it could be interesting to tell a story from one of the adventurers I have had in the past. I really enjoy our adventures and think that they are a lot of fun, so it stands to reason that they could be fun to hear about. I could also just take the characters and settings that we used and create new stories for them to venture through.

I think that it may also be fun to do a specific type of story. I read a couple of final projects that were choose your own adventure, such as Dungeons & Decisions and A Punishment of Tengu. I thought that these stories were told in a fun fashion because of their choose your own adventure. I thought they were really elevated by this choice, so I would be really interested in trying to do a choose your own adventure story of my own.


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