Feedback Strategies

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 Ways to give good feedback
The two articles that I read were How to Provide Great Feedback When You're Not in Charge and What Kinds of Messages Help Kids Grow?. The article about feedback offered some very good suggestions. It suggested that it is always a good idea to give praise and make others feel appreciated. This is one that I was already aware of and I have put it into practice into my own life. I love when somebody tells me that I am doing a good job, so I try and tell everyone else that they are doing a good job. One important thing that the article talked about was how to give advice. With praise, your focus should be on the person, but with advice, your focus should be on the task. It is important to tell them specifically what they did right, and then tell them what could possibly be improved upon. The article ends with saying that you can ask others for feedback yourself, that way you create an environment of people that seek out feedback. The most important take away from the article was to remember that you are giving feedback to people, humans with emotions and feelings, not just simple robots that are designed to take feedback. The article about children was primarily focused on the growth mindset. One thing that I learned from it was that parents have the largest impact on how their children tackle challenges, therefore they do not have to be very worried about what may happen at school. It talked about how it is most important to provide praise of a specific nature, praise that rewards the process. It also talked about the power of yet, rather than saying I can't do this, we say I can't do this yet.


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